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Prog 171: The Mind of Wolfie Smith, signed by Jesús Redondo

Jesús Redondo is one of my favourite 2000AD artists. I had a delightful conversation with him and asked him to sign a few of my progs. Jesús gasped when he opened up prog 171 to The Mind of Wolfie Smith:

"Wolfie!" he said, as if he had just been reunited with an old friend. He started turning the pages and reading the story. He told me that he had always worked through an agent. He was only ever given a translation of the frame descriptions, so he never got to see the dialogue or read the finished stories.

After a few minutes lost in the story he brought himself back and thanked me.

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7 months, 3 weeks ago

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Forty Years of Thrill Power Festival (slithy)


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