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Prog 228, Signed by Dave Gibbons and Pat Mills

I took prog 228 with me to get signed, because it was the prog that I started regularly collecting 2000AD.

I remember it quite clearly. Although I had read 2000AD before (I even owned prog 1 when it first came out), I hadn't ever bought it on a regular basis.

At the end of August 1981, my family went on holiday to Portrush, and while we were there I spent my pocket money on a copy of 2000AD, prog 228. It turned out to be a landmark issue, opening with the first episode of Rogue Trooper by Finley-Day/Gibbons, followed by Mills/O'Neill's Nemesis the Warlock, Judge Death by Grant/Bolland and finishing up with Grant/Ezquerra on Strontium Dog.

I was hooked. When I got home, I placed a regular order with my newsagent and thus began a long and happy relationship with the Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

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